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The plumbers plunder Rita’s holes

The plumbers plunder Rita’s holes

The plumbers plunder Rita's holes

Rita Daniels, our most-fucked MILF/GILF ever, can by no means acquire sufficient ramrod. She is a immense titted, 66-year-old granny who has now enjoyed two DPs at, enjoyed ’em so much that that babe decided to make the third time happen.

So she calls the plumbers to fix a rammed pipe in her kitchen, but as far as they can tell, everything’s working valuable.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but I don’t watch the problem,” Peter says, but when he looks up, he’s stunned to see Rita sat on the counter with her legs widen and her muff and arsehole stuffed with toys.

“I don’t need an unstuffing,” she says. “I need a double stuffing from your big dongs.”

Peter and Tony had heard about Ms. Daniels from the other service staff in the neighborhood. They heard about how many times the cable lad has fucked her taut anal opening, and a couple of movers have their own tale to tell. Now it is their turn.

Rita leads the plumbers to the living room bed, where it’s more comfortable, and when the toys come out, the dicks go in. Rita’s great at engulfing balls–it’s one of the first things this babe did when that babe shot her 1st scenes for us in 2010–and she’s accomplished at riding one penis during the time that sucking another. But now this babe is wondering about the plumbers’ prowess.

“You men ready for a little DOUBLE PENETRATION?” that babe asks.

Rita had been DP’d solely one time previous to this babe did her 1st Dual Penetration. Now she’s done 2 more DP scenes, including an interracial. Told Rita, “When I’m getting rogered in the arse and there is a knob in my cum-hole, it pushes the penis that’s in my ass right up into my G-spot, and it is absolutely epic. I feel adore I am plan to come into trance mode. It’s so astounding to receive both holes rogered.”

By the way, Peter is 23 and Tony is Thirty six, so the combined age of the dudes is far less than Rita’s. Basically, one of the boyz who’s DPing her is young sufficient to be her grandson and the other is juvenile sufficient to be her son, and that just turns up the wanton factor for this very concupiscent woman who can at no time acquire sufficient.

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Ivory Logan

Ivory Logan Ivory Logan
Ivory Logan @
Ivory Logan is a "madame"…but not the kind of madame you are thinking. This babe doesn’t pimp angels, Ivory pimps gigolos! That is right! Ivory sends glamourous, juvenile bucks to the mansions of Beverly Hills…mansions owned by lonely, old female who do not urge to use "apps" or the internet in instruct to find studs to escort ’em to dinner. And more! This day, Ivory’s got two fresh bucks to interview, and you guessed it: she’s going to need to "test" the two chaps in advance of that babe hires ’em! They’re gonna go above and beyond the call of duty in instruct to impress Ivory. In other words, these 2 dudes screw the shit out of her! One of the men dumps his load deep in Ivory’s hot, succulent bawdy cleft; the other uses Ivory’s face as a sex cream target, completely dousing Ivory in his thick load. One as well as the other guys are just now hired…but they have no idea Ivory’s "clients" are nowhere near as sexy as "Madame Ivory"!
Ivory Logan Ivory Logan
Visit – The Complete Dogfart Interracial Sex Series @ We Bonk Darksome Beauties | Ivory Logan

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Well-rounded Bikini Girl

Well-rounded Bikini Hotty

Well-rounded Swimsuit Girl

A self-described tomboy, Jane Blow is a nice combination of enjoyment and sexiness.

“I love to think I’m well rounded,” that babe said. That babe of course is very well-rounded and curvy.

“I like to swim and play volleyball. I can hang out just adore one of the lads, but still be a woman when the situation calls for it. I love beer and hawt wings, but I likewise adore to dress up for a romantic evening.”

Jane contacted us cuz a friend urged her to adult model. That gent actually wanted to watch her nude and we knew why as soon as that babe sent numerous naked test pics.

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Slick & Shiny

Slick & Lustrous

Slick & Shiny

Anna Loren was encouraged by her sister to apply to SCORE. No lads ever brought up posing of the nude kind.

“If you crave to watch my love melons, eventually u might be adept to, but when u walk up to a lady and that’s your line, you indeed must try a little harder,” Anna told. “I mean, I know I have big love muffins. You need to have smth else to talk to me about.”

Sexually, Anna is more obedient than confident.

“I like to be told what to do. A boy can have me do all the work in sofa if that stud tells me what to do. I relish being told what to do. And that petticoat chaser can tell me to do everything. I am indeed into anal dance, but I am not going to ask for it. But if the man says, ‘I’m going to shag u in the ass now,’ I’m totally into it.

“I think some guys are embarrassed or insecure or not ready to try new things. They’re not used to a goddess who will do everything they crave. I suppose I’m a bit old-fashioned in that way. I think in the 1940s and ’50s, it was more common for dudes to call the shots in daybed.”

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Chat Time: All About Amora

Chat Time: All About Amora

Chat Time: All About Amora

Amora Lee chats with TSG editor Dave and she’s wearing the suit that this babe wore when this babe took her 1st very impressive pics of herself and sent them to the SCORE Studio.

When she was considering posing for the 1st time in her life, Amora Googled “big-breasted models” and SCORELAND appeared.

“You were number one on the list,” Amora told in this interview. “And I thought, ‘Okay, I’ll try this company out.’ And I sent you lads the images of me in this dress, and I wanna say that 24 hours later, anybody contacted me, which I could not make almost certainly of, so I let the email sit there for hours.

“I had to do a little more research, so I did that, and then I responded, and then this babe asked me to do naked pictures, and I thought, ‘Oh, my god, I have at no time done undressed pix previous to in my life,’ so I was like, ‘You urge me to send them over the Internet?’ So I am standing there in my bathroom, and I am adore, ‘Should I send this company my in nature’s garb pictures?’ Then my sister came in and told, ‘What are you doing?’ and I told, ‘Nothing.’ I’m standing there, and when she left, I thought, ‘What’s the injury in it?'”

Watch More of Amora Lee at SCORELAND.COM!

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Andi James cums and makes fantasies come true

Andi James cums and makes dreams come true

Andi James cums and makes fantasies come true

Andi James, a 52-year-old redhead with large bra-busters, returns to When this scene opens, she’s wearing hawt, sheer lingerie that exposes off her bigger in size than run of the mill bra-busters and stiff teats. That babe pulls aside the crotch portion of the little number that babe has on so this babe can need to her vagina. Then that babe tells us about her fantasy. That babe desires a smooth operator in his 20’s, her son’s age.

“Maybe he’d adore to acquire a piece of this,” Andi says and she opens her legs and fingers her hirsute grab. As Andi gets hotter and the sex talk heats up, this babe takes off her underware so she’s completely undressed and proudly shows off her hawt body, including her fascinating little butt.

Why a solo scene? So u can fully appreciate Andi. But don’t worry: More hardcore is coming in just a few days.

Andi illustrious her 52nd birthday the day before this scene was shot. That babe banged on-camera for the first time.

“I’m plan to do it once more, and I cant expect,” she said.

Andi, who’s divorced, says that babe had not at all thought about doing porn “because of my age. It totally surprises me. I thought the audiences urge to watch younger women.”

Nope. We desire to see Andi.

See More of Andi James at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!

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Alice85JJ & Her Treasure Chest

Alice85JJ & Her Treasure Chest

Alice85JJ & Her Treasure Chest

Alice85JJ has a couple of the immense fun bags anyone has ever observed. There’re solely a handful of honeys with this much chest flesh who have bared their mambos on-camera.

Alice85JJ began her breast growth odyssey when very youthful. Now, they easily dwarf any man’s head and could knock a boy out with one swing. Her swinging and bouncing in the movie scene is eye-popping.

Alice85JJ loves to travel and explore recent places. “I love to visit recent countries and meet the people there. I like to explore.” This babe doesn’t have to wear hot tops to attract attention to her heavy billibongs. A effortless T-shirt does that.

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Naked Yoga, Big Tits & Bush

Bare Yoga, Bigger than typical Titties & Bush

Naked Yoga, Big Bosoms & Bush

It may be a undressed yoga session for Dulcinea (aka Aeryn Elise) but getting her big mambos swinging and bouncing and widening her unshaved taco is part of the plan. Stripped yoga is an ancient art and there should be a Bare Yoga Day. And why not? After all there is National Pizza Pie Day (February 9) or Grip Some Nuts Day (August 3). Peace out!

Dulcinea’s top 3 sexual experiences:

“My spouse and I met at a cabin for the weekend with one more couple. I am really fine friends with the boy, so we had the idea that this man could write a script and we could film his supreme dream. Fast forward a miniature in number minutes, and his wife is splayed out sucking one as well as the other his and my partner’s dick and I am eating her vagina adore it is the last meal I’ll ever have. At one point I stopped, looked up at all of them and told, ‘This is the hottest thing I have ever viewed!’ And holy screw, it was. Needless to say, they loved the final edit of their video!

“My spouse and I were hanging out with a couple we played with regularly, and the Lothario wanted to try anal with me so bad. Up until this point I had only had anal job with my boyfriend but it was a bit difficult, so I was convinced there was all this prep work and complications that went along with it. First he put me on their Sybian sex machine so I came and choked on his penis at the same time. Then, his wife and I shared a double sex tool whilst mouthing on the one and the other of their dongs. At this point, I was so lost in my own joy that I was willing to do anything! That fellow pulled me close and asked if he could slide his rod inside my chocolate hole. I enthusiastically acquiesced and it was some of the almost all outstanding sex I’ve ever had!

“There was this goddess I was actually into but that babe was super bashful. I decided I would need to make the first move. So, we were hanging out during the last hours of a friend’s wedding and I mentioned that I forgot smth in my car and this babe should come with me to seize it. We giggled and flirted during the long walk there, and once we made it, to my surprise, this babe gripped me and kissed me! Then this babe slid her hand up my skirt and started fingering me! I came all over her! I pulled her close and squeezed her fantastic fullsome funbags. We screwed love that for a whilst, right there by the car for anyone to see! It was so exhilarating, especially since exhibitionism is one of my monumental fetishes.”

Watch More of Dulcinea at SCORELAND.COM!

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Tit Chat, Measuring & Bra Show

Tit Chat, Measuring & Beneath garment Brandish

Tit Chat, Measuring & Bra Show

The appealing Alice85JJ chats with the photographer about her interests and hobbies. They switch to a self-measuring, 1st over her brassiere and reservoir top, then topless. After that, Alice tries on some bras. The bra she wears in advance of this babe tries on the others is a ideal fit.

The next one is ridiculously dunky. The one after that’s an improvement but not by much. Check out how she puts on these bras. This babe has a different approach to putting them on.

Alice85JJ doesn’t go to the beach because that babe can’t live without to keep her skin pale white. As far as swimsuits, that babe prefers the average one-piece.

See More of Alice85JJ at XLGIRLS.COM!

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