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Ivy sucks and fucks, and you’re the man!

Ivy sucks and copulates, and you are the woman chaser!

Ivy sucks and copulates, and you're the woman chaser!

“I like to be kinky,” 48-year-old Mother Ivy Ices told.

For example…

“I one time used a strap-on to fuck a boy. We had been allies, and we hooked up one night and it happened. This smooth operator enjoyed it. That skirt chaser came during the time that I was banging him.”

She is had kinky sex with a female.

“My husband and I picked up a cutie, so we were drinking wine and I just happened to bonk her with the wine bottle. That babe actually got off on that.”

You’ll acquire off on Ivy, a dark-haired, big titted, voluptuous stunner who, in this scene, jacks and sucks a guy’s penis and then fucks him, mostly P.O.V.-style. That is supposed to mean you’re the dude.

Ivy had been practicing celibacy in advance of she came to our studio. We put an end to that.

“I like the taskmaster ram,” this babe told. “More me telling him what to do. For example, he is been at work all day being the Alpha male. When this fellow comes home, he can be my serf. Receive on his knees and lick my pussy. Probably castigation him with some masturbation. Cook dinner. Have him do anything. Have him serve me.”

That doesn’t sound like torment to us.

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Katia’s first threesome

Katia’s 1st threesome

Katia's first threesome

We asked 63-year-old Katia what that babe loves superlatively admirable about giving blow jobs, and that babe told, “I like the way a strapon feels in my mouth and the way the charmer feels when I am sucking him. I love the sensation of the stud cumming in my mouth. That is why I like blow jobs.”

Here, that babe doubles her pleasure by mouthing 2 ramrods. Add up the long time of the men these cocks are attached to and they’re just slightly mature than Katia.

“Are u boys willing for me?” Grandma Katia says, her hands on their knobs. They’re absolutely speechless. And, of course, that babe is gonna be speechless because her mouth is going to be full. So is her muff.

There are tons of reasons we love Katia. That babe is gracious. She’s sexy. That babe has a smokin’ body. Some other reason: She’s just a regular divorcee, MILF and GILF from Alabama who doesn’t discharge for anyone else, isn’t a nudist or a swinger, isn’t sexually wild. We asked her how often this babe has sex, and she told, “About 3 times a month.” She works and takes care of her family. Roots for the University of Alabama football team. Enjoys long walks and riding horses. Here, enjoys rogering bucks who are hung love horses.

Katia has two daughters and six grandchildren. We asked her if that babe ever gets recognized, and that babe said, “Yes, on dating sites. I got recognized one time when I was working years ago, but mostly on in a relationship with sites. They say, ‘I recognize you. You are Katia.’ It’s thrilling!”

But not half as gripping for Katia as having sex with two hung bucks for all the world to see. Not half as gripping as doing something that the people who know her would be shocked to watch.

Watch More of Katia at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!

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Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers

“When a dildo or a wang rubs against my clitoris, it doesn’t take lengthy for me to cum rigid,” told wide-eyed Brit Goldie Blair.

Goldie is foremost known for her fetish practices. That babe can’t live without dildo-machines. She does boxing, wrestling and domination scenes with women, plays the horny “Auntie,” dresses up as super-heroines and villains, and gets tied-up and rolls around in thraldom and discipline situations. This babe is a big-boobed kinkster.

Do not let the sleek, buffed, polished exterior fool ya. Goldie is into off-beat, psycho-sexual games. (In some countries, they call that marriage.)

Who’d have guessed somebody who appears love her is so perverted? She’s English so that accounts for some of her interests. We should ask her if honeys into servitude make worthy wives or if it’s all for unveil.

A TSG editor one time wrote that “At 1st glance, Goldie Blair has the appearance of a soccer Mom. The other soccer mommys would be shocked if they knew what that babe does.” Goldie would probably find that observation laughable.

Watch More of Goldie Blair at SCORELAND.COM!

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Sammie & Jenny: The Oily Girls

Sammie & Jenny: The Oily Cuties

Sammie & Jenny: The Oily Girls

XL Gals flashes back to the great legends Sammie Dark-skinned and Jenny Hill and their mindblowing bra buddies and booties.

Sammie has much wider areolae whilst Jenny’s are much darker. Not putting them jointly would have been a sin.

In this pictorial, Sammie and Jenny play with every other’s jumbo jugs, oil their bodies, tussle on a gym mat and engulf on enchanting pops that oozes all over their monumental chests.

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Meet Justine, aka Badd Gramma

Meet Justine, aka Badd Gramma

Meet Justine, aka Badd Gramma

Her name is Justine. That is Bitch cutie Justine to the many men who submit to her femdom-goddess ways. She calls herself Badd Gramma, but this divorcee from Northern California is great in all the ways that count. She’s a 53-year-old, blue-eyed golden-haired with a hot body and that knowing look about her that comes with age.

“I’m super-adventurous sexually and a contented pervert, as we like to say in my perverted circles,” she said. “After reading the book Feminist Porn, I became a lot less judgmental and started allowing myself to explore what I truly love.”

Here, this babe explores a fuck machine. It explores her throat and hairy cookie.

Back in the 1980s, Justine almost made her first porno. Then the real world intervened.

“I wound up getting into the computer industry,” this babe told. “I was really a geek for a number of years, and after the recession, I grew fatigued of silicon valley and, as you know, it’s kind of a brotopia. Silicon Valley indeed doesn’t seem to care for mature woman workers, so I have decided to became a mistress and started shooting my own content, and here I am. Yep, these Google geeks are some of my best clients as a domina. Actually, anyone with a high-powered, high-pressure job seems to truly love submitting to a controlling female-dom in ottoman.”

Now, some Thirty years after this babe almost became a porno star, Justine is here, and you’d finest make no doubt of that later this week, you’ll watch her mouthing and fucking real ramrod, not a machine.

Watch More of Justine at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!

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Big Tits For Fucking

Big Meatballs For Fucking

Big Breasts For Fucking

London Andrews has a magnificant pair of naturals that will make u wanna rub one out the minute you watch ’em. They are soft and submissive, adore two pillows that are meant for comfort and bouncing. She’s the type of heavy-breasted gal u ask to rub her melons all over your junk.

“I have enjoyment traveling, getting bare for photographers and meeting people who live out side the box,” told London, who enjoys events love Burning Lady-killer and other alternative lifestyle events. “I paint murals and create attractive things.”

London’s glamourous face and colossal titted body is matched by her gorgeous mind. Here the action is point-of-view, the almost any popular style of sex photography cuz it’s virtual…the ultimate form of erotica. The beauty. U. That’s it. The viewer becomes the male in the photo. U da fellow!

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Endless Curves

Endless Curves

Endless Curves

Marilyn White said one of her carnal dreams is “to be double-penetrated by a smooth operator and a headmistress with a strap-on. I’m bisexual and I like playing with other girls, especially along with my lady-killer. I have had a not many encounters with sweethearts.”

Marilyn was a pupil and worked in a porn store when this babe decided to send her fotos to XL Girls. There’re few woman clerks in porn shops and even fewer mistresse clerks in porn shops who become adult models and do porn. Allysa Andrews was a clerk in a porn shop in the Florida Keys, but overall, most employees are guys.

Marilyn has a excited mind. Whilst this babe bears a resemblance to a girl-next-door and talks like a girl-next-door, that babe can be surprising.

“I jacked off my boyfriend at the time below the desk during class during the time that the teacher gave the lesson right there in front of us. I used to have sex in cars in parking lots quite often as well as in the middle of a rather frequented park. I love big cocks, tit-fucking, SADOMASOCHISM and creampies. I look at porn and finger or sextoy myself.”

Watch More of Marilyn White at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Workin’ At The Big Tit Carwash

Workin’ At The Greater than standard Tit Carwash

Workin' At The Big Tit Carwash

Washing cars is not a regular event at SCORELAND so it’s worthwhile when it happens. Marissa Kert was beautiful handy with that vigour washer. Since she’s a pro mastix in Europe, maybe she’ll add one to her collection of whips and other tools of torment.

Marissa is a female who can’t live without romantic, candlelight dinners. Her interests range from opera to art to pottering about in the garden. She doesn’t care about sports.

She spoken about having a sexual experience with a woman.

“Once in a swinging couples lap dancing club, a female was there with her husband and I was there with my boyfriend. This babe was a fetching Rubens-style hotty with long red hair. We had an carnal encounter.”

Watch More of Marissa Kert at SCORELAND.COM!

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After all these years, an on-camera fuck

After all those years, an on-camera shag

After all those years, an on-camera fuck

“I really was signed by a modeling agency in the ’80s, and I was intend to do some porn with people like Ginger Lynn and that group, but life took one more turn.”

So says Justine, aka Badd Gramma, a 53-year-old divorcee, Mommy and grandmother who, here, makes up for lost time by mouthing and fucking a juvenile gent for all the world to see. By the way, it is Justine’s hirsute pussy that that buck is screwing. This chab also cums all over this hot blonde’s glamorous face.

Justine has been a experienced dominant-bitch for a during the time that, and she said, “One of my fans, who is likewise one of your members, said that dude thought I would be ideal for you.”

That she’s.

There are two sides to Justine: the dominatrix/porn star side and her more-private side.

“I write poetry and I’m likewise a Mama and a grandmother,” that babe said. “I do quite a bit of babysitting. One of my kids is intend to a university to get a chemical engineering degree, so that is one of the reasons I do what I do, so I can have the extra time and the resources necessary to support my family.

“I love to go out and sing karaoke. I adore to go on the water. Boating, sailing, swimming. That type of thing. I’m a immense X-Games fan and I love the Winter Olympics. I love stripping, precious dining, arts and culture. All kinds. One night it is the ballet or symphony, the next a Marilyn Manson concert! I love a worthwhile memoir. Someday, I’ll write my own. Right now, I’m living the dream.”

Watch More of Justine at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!

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