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Georgia Melons

Georgia Melons

“I use lotion after I take a shower or washroom, but that’s all over my body, not just my wobblers,” says April McKenzie, winner of V-Mag’s 2007 Greenhorn contest. “It helps keep my skin moisturized. My deep cleavage has to look its superlatively worthwhile. When I go out, men have a rock hard time looking me in the eye. They tend to look down. It used to make me feel uncomfortable, but over time I became pro to it, so it is not as big a deal as it once was. Some chaps don’t observe my mellons at all. They go without their way to not look at them. I used to acquire offended if they did not view me. But now, if they do not look, then I think, “Come on, cant u watch them? They’re right here.” But my scoops too attract attention when I trip. One time at an airport my strap buckle made the metal detector go off and the lady took me off to the side and started feeling around on me and when this babe got to my mellons this babe said, ‘I cant receive my hands under them.’ So, I told, ‘Then don’t do it.’ I think the male security guards were fantasizing that they could be the one to frisk me. Do I look like I carry a concealed weapon? These are for joy, not trouble.”

Georgia Melons



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