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Super-naturally Stacked

Super-naturally Stacked

It’s Joana’s turn in the spotlight in SCORELAND On Location. The brunette hair ravisher brings her own inner light that shines on and off-camera. She wears a bikini that’s very Caribbean in design. The swimsuit top has ruffles and the bottom beneath her green sarong is wild. That bottom bears a resemblance to yellow dental floss.

After her introduction, we next watch Joana at pool side. The wind is whipping up as Joana slips with out her hawt tropical beach attire and displays her super-natural body and huge, alluring tits. She finds a bench near the pool to recline on and expose you her pleasing twat. Touching it sends shivers through her. The clouds are rolling in from the nearby mountains and the wind from the sea is picking up. It’s time to get cozier.

Now naked in the high reaching heels, Joana walks into the villa, beckoning u to pursue and enters a bedroom. Her body is very well-toned and voluptuously endowed. The term brick house was invented for her or so it seems. The 1st thing she does in the bedroom is to turn around, place one knee on the ottoman and unveil you her glamorous arse. Then that babe gets on one as well as the other knees, booty held high, and turns her head to observe you.


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