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Ana Montes: Homegrown Melon Squeezer

Ana Montes: Homegrown Melon Squeezer

Ana Montes: Homegrown Melon Squeezer

Ana Montes is contented of her Colombian casabas. We can tell that from her tugging and tossing her tan-lined tetas with abandon, giving lip-service to her larger than standard teats and areolae with vacuum-like self-sucking, doing jug jumping jacks and going knuckle-deep inside her slit.

“To be honest, wherever I go, they watch me and their eyes go to my large love bubbles,” said Ana. “Before, I didn’t adore it so much but now I love it. It makes me feel that I’m attractive ‘cuz I have large pantoons. It is a male-dominant population so I receive lots of attention and boyz wanting to talk to me, date me.

“I like anal play, finger penetration and butt stab. The penetration feels more intense in my opinion besides stimulating my G-spot exquisitely. I also love to be permeated with fingers in my chocolate hole whilst I’ve vaginal sex.

“When I’ve a hubby I may gulp his cum but it depends on the taste. When his spunk is very acidic I actually cannot swallow it, but when it’s not, I swallow very well. Generally I prefer that he does not cum in my face hole or on my face. I love most of all to see the cream squirted on my mangos.”

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