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Cassidy – Two Loads For A Big-Boobed Cougar

2 Loads For A Big-Boobed Cougar

Two Loads For A Big-Boobed Cougar

Cassidy Exe is a short (4’11”) and stacked D-cup divorcee. She’s been married 3 times, has kids and one of her ex-husbands is a rock musician. She wrote a fitness book and was a fitness trainer.

“I have done everything I ever fantasized about. I have tried everything I wanted to try,” told Cassidy. “I’ve been with angels, drilled a dark lad and had trios.”

“I have a slight backdoor and a indeed large clit,” says Cassidy. They don’t come (and cum) any more open and direct than our Cassidy. “When I masturbate, I rub my clitoris on a pillow and sometimes I stick something in my booty at the same time.” Cassidy has a very obscene, obscene face hole and u will hear it loud and clear in this unbelievably nasty and raunchy scene. The very meaning of porn.

“Out of the abode, I’m usually clothed in hot hipster jeans, little, little tops and high heels. I love showing my body and being admired. I have disciplined hard to stay in shape.”

These two dudes have a party in Cassidy’s throat, fur pie and backdoor. Cassidy is a screamer and she’s loud. Like she told, this babe has a very constricted arsehole and fur pie. By the end of their three-way, Cassidy’s face is trickling with thick loads of cum and this babe craves more!

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