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Cindy Cupps

Cindy Cupps

In her close to 10 years of lap dancing and photo shoots, areolae female-dominant Cindy Cupps by no means did an all-in hardcore scene. The closest Cindy came, no pun intended, was a hand job and tit-wank scene (Funbags & Tugs on DVD), milking a dick to an explosion all over her astounding big mounds. (“Would you call it sexual? I do not know. I would call it foreplay,” Cindy said about this video.) And then there was her strap-on girl-girl with her finest friend Crystal Gunns (Large Tit A-List).

This dream video posits the question of what-if Cindy entered a brilliance hole room with ramrods sticking out of the walls?

Cindy became an gogo dancer when that babe was Eighteen years old, right after graduating high school. Numerous years later, in 1999, this babe was checking out a convention in Recent York Town called Erotica. A photographer spotted her.

“I just sauntered by her and this babe went, like, ‘Wow!’ I get to have been wearing something that showed a little cleavage. I cant remember,” Cindy recalled. “And this babe prevented me and that babe asked me if I wanted to do any magazines and glamour modeling. I was skeptical at 1st. I listened to her for a little bit. I went home, thought about it and I called her back. That’s how it started.”

Almost all people think dancers and adult models live wild lives 24-7. Some do but not girls adore Cindy, even though her large milk cans, lap dancing and frequent appearances in SCORE attracted lots of attention and fans.

“I’m glamorous much a loner by nature,” Cindy explained. “I adore my privacy, being in my own little world. I am not saying I’m anti-social. I love to go out and have a worthy time. But I would rather just stay home majority evenings and see a good movie scene.”

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