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Clash of The Sex Titans

Clash of The Sex Titans

Clash of The Sex Titans

Fucking Daylene Rio has to kick off with lots of tit-play. Palming the enormous breast-flesh and feeling the weight in your hands. Bouncing them. Shaking them. Jiggling ’em. Mouthing her areolas rock hard. Daylene joins in, mouthing her nipples also. What a enjoyment to taste those nipples. Anything about this woman is sex. Her sweet-smelling skin acquire to let out sex pheromones.

In advance of Daylene can suck down schlong, her cookie merits a tongue. This babe opens her legs open so her pierced snatch can be licked. Then it is Daylene’s turn. Drool and saliva strings spill out of Daylene’s hungry face hole as this babe swallows the bloated shaft.

Holding her mountainous mams together tightly for wang, Daylene gets a hard, coarse, fast and very loud tit-fucking as the beef slams into her butt cheeks. She 1st kneels for it, then this babe gets on her back for more breast-sexin’.

Daylene takes the hard cock in hand and implores in her hot sing-song voice, “Gimme your strapon, please.” (This babe is a natural for phone sex.) “Please shag me,” this babe wails. The black brown hottie wishes the big gent in her coochie and this babe wishes it now and just as inflexible as it was betwixt her jugs.

Climbing on the jock, her eye-popping arse facing us, a twerking, bouncing Daylene rides like a jockey busting without the gate at the Kentucky Derby. What a female-dominator, all-woman! What this babe doesn’t know about sex and pleasant amorous dudes ain’t worth knowing! This is solely the starting of the Clash of The Sex Titans!

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