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DP Anal Super-fuck

DP Anal Super-fuck

DP Anal Super-fuck

SCORE mag covergirl Tigerr Benson takes on 2 fellows. They do not stand a chance against this princess of milk cans, ravisher and brains. This babe easily drains ’em of their precious bodily fluids. Tigerr gives her all.

SCORE: Was this DOUBLE PENETRATION threesome with George and Kristof any different in any way?

Tigerr Benson: Yeah, it was. I liked that I was with a cute youthful boy and an older boy, that was hawt for me. Sometimes it’s the petite things that get me hawt.

SCORE: Do you’ve any kind of mental warm-up in advance of a scene or do you jump right in? What about a physical warm-up before you get into all those sexy poses?

Tigerr Benson: I do not do any warm-up. I always love to keep things natural when I’m having sex. I guess you would need a warm-up if you were just doing a job but that is not really me. I keep fit by climbing. I’m a bit short so I’m always having to stretch my legs.

SCORE: What three things do u relish majority about making adult movie scenes and pix? What three things do you savour the least?

Tigerr Benson: First, I just adore sex, and sex with a recent buck or boyz is always thrilling. My Chinese sign is the pig so I guess I was born hungry for anything! Sex on-camera is without strings so that is cool.

Second, I love the attention and the feeling I am being watched by thousands of fellows lusting after me. That is a cliche, I know. But in my private life I am very much into the sexy wife fetish and have my (cuckold) spouse and quite a not many boyfriends who savour seeing me having messy sex with other bucks. This brings out the exhibition or performer in me when I’m having sex in front of digi camera. Likewise, many have mentioned me being in SCORE so I guess being on digital camera is really good promotion also.

Third, I’ve joy being accustomed to travel. I’m not that well known in the USA but in Europe I’m popular sufficient that now I can pick and select who I work with (I only work with fine people). So when I travel I know there is always gonna be sexy pleasure at my destination. Sometimes I sit in the airport waiting for my flight and just daydream about what might happen during the discharge. Then I receive to go to the loo and masturbate.(Laughs)

Three things I savour the least? That is actually rigid. Well, I miss my doggy Snoepje. Snoepje means “sweet” in Dutch. This charmer receives very sad when I am away.

Second, when I am traveling it’s sometimes very difficult to receive priceless Chinese and Japanese food. I love noodles–Ramen, Soba and Udon–and I go noodle nutty if I do not get any… that sounds rude! (Laughs)

3rd and actually the most important now I guess of it! When I’m having sex in front of a camera with two hot boys and really getting sexy, and the director shouts “cut!” Absolutely frustrating!

Tons of times I acquire to carry on with a stunt after the discharge is finished, so I can cum or I will not be skilled to sleep at night! I have collected several boyfriends this way, which is priceless ‘cos it means when I shoot with ’em another time, the sex scenes are even hotter. ‘Cos they are real!

SCORE: Almost any porn performers are carnal athletes. What about the regular lads you have had sex with? Have u found any of them to be sex athletes too?

Tigerr Benson: Yeah, some of the accustomed boys are amazing! I have a stunt hubby in Valencia, Nick who copulates me all day and night!! We solely prevent for food. [Laughs] When I am shooting in Spain I stay with him, so when I acquire back I am always indeed exhausted.

But in normal life with regular studs, sex is very different. I enjoy the difference, I’m very much into yin and yang in life. I adore balance. I likewise enjoy slow sex that’s quite real and fleshly. U do not actually acquire asked to do sex love this in front of the digital camera. So although the regular lads are not truly raunchy athletes, they still receive me sexy in a different way.

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