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Hitomi – The Hot Waitress

The Hot Waitress

The Hawt Waitress

If your Boob Brothers at SCORE ate at restaurants near the office that had waitresses pumped up like Hitomi, we’d be living life on simple street. The truth is, the cuties at the Tits near us and at other places are barely single-D or C-cups. It is not easy oozing a breastaurant and it’s even tougher oozing a big boobed publishing company. But you do not desire to read our laments. You want to see Hitomi and that marvelous body of hers.

And that’s what she’s delivering in The Hot Waitress.

Waitresses do not dress love this in Japan. Hitomi’s got that all-American beer and chicken wings waitress thing going on with the ball cap turned to the side and tiny shorts. You can receive a more pretty view how Hitomi looks in her outfit in the pictures. There is a valuable selection of full-body and medium shots previous to Hitomi receives nude on the pool table.

In his Blog of January 3rd, Dave wrote, “I kept envisaging for her [Hitomi] to ooze steak juice onto her chest,” the night they went to a burger joint on South Beach. It didn’t happen but in the video Hitomi spills some sauce on her zeppelins (on purpose) and licks it off. This babe did not do that in the restaurant.

See More of Hitomi at SCORELAND.COM!

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