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Jennica Lynn – Wet T Time

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Wet T Time

At Fourty four seconds into “Jennica Lynn Moist T Time,” Jennica lifts her awesome bosoms up and automatically kisses one of them. That reflexive move spoke volumes coz it means that Jennica naturally loves her big bra-busters. Now more than ever, with the merciless fashion industry encouraging stick-thinness, it’s important for angels to like their love bubbles and the rest of their bodies.

Jennica spends this entire episode in the pool, with her juicy tee-shirt clinging to her chest. She plays with her miracles (total weight: 5 kgs or 12.5 lbs.), and takes ’em with out her tee to suck on the areolas and float on her back. D-cups at 14, a G-cups at 18, they are now flawless M-cups. We’ve rarely detected Scandinavian big-bust adult models, either natural or augmented (Maria Verbeck is Danish), and to have Sweden’s Jennica join the Large Flaunt was an event of greatness.

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