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Lavina Dream – The Office Hottie

The Office Lovely heart

The Office Hottie

Every office should have an office angel exactly like Lavina Dream. Trust us, productivity would increase immeasurably. With Lavina bouncing up and down as she traipsed around the office, everyone would be alert and energetic not to mention early to work and late to leave.

What Lavina is wearing in those photos and matching movie scene is exactly what she’d wear at the office. “I adore to wear dresses and blouses that display my bouncy bosoms,” says Lavina. “I adore the attention I receive from dudes and from cuties. Yep, beauties are always looking at my bumpers and asking me questions about them, just adore chaps do.”

“In my spare time, I adore to courting my friends and at night we go to exotic dancing clubs and have a valuable time. We adore to have joy. I am a regular hotty. I do not really have any fetishes or a perverted side. But I’m still juvenile.”

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