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Loida: A Sucker For A Sucker

Loida: A Sucker For A Sucker

Loida: A Sucker For A Sucker

“I love to be on top so my hubby can watch my chest more admirable,” told Loida, a plump, good-natured girl-next-door. “That way, that guy can rub and suck on my love bubbles and I can rub them in his face.

“I try to have sex as often as possible. I relish lots of foreplay so I do not care for anybody who is in a hurry. I like a gent to take his time. Every time I have sex, I try to invent smth new and exciting.

“I indeed love my funbags and my body. I am pleased with the way I look and the attention I get from boys. I developed juvenile and always had tons of friends. So I thought to myself, ‘why not try to adult model for the experience?’ I am open to trying everything once and if I enjoy the results, I’ll do it one more time.”

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