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Lucy Laistner: Russian Cowgirl Will Rope You In

Lucy Laistner: Russian Cowgirl Will Rope U In

Lucy Laistner: Russian Cowgirl Will Rope U In

There are over a thousand Russian cowboys working in their country as wranglers but Russian cowgirls are rare. Big-boobed, bodacious teen Lucy Laistner makes up for this scarcity in this scene. Lucy has the boots, the hat and the garments. What a fetching sight! Lucy too has a jug of milk to pour all over her flawless body once she acquires in the muscular.

“I’m a student,” said Lucy who turned 18 in 2019. “I like photo discharges. Posing is so nifty. Preparing for photos and clips and the process of making them gives me great joy.”

It was Lucy’s fantasy to meet some of her idols. She’s made some of that fantasy come true.

“I adore cuties with larger than typical juggs. Demmy Blaze, Cheryl Blossom, Maria Body, Samantha Lily, they are so enchanting to me and I admire them. They inspire me. I love to spend time with them when I can.”

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