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Shemain Ravene – Shemain, Gift-Wrapped

Shemain, Gift-Wrapped

Shemain, Gift-Wrapped

“I do webcamming on the side so I figured this was the next logical step,” said Shemain Ravene, a 47-year-old Mother from Florida. “I like getting men off. You can solely masturbate on-camera so much. Eventually you crave smth real.”

Here, Shemain gets the real thing. Real schlong. It’s her 1st movie scene sex scene, coming on the heels of her first photo sex scene the other day.

“I do majority of my cumming on-camera,” Shemain said. “I’m single.”

Shemain isn’t a swinger or a nudist. That babe loves 69ing ‘coz “both partners acquire off.”

“I’m more into oral than penetration, but I adore missionary,” that babe said. “I’m very touchy-feely. I love most of all slow sex. I am not one for rock hard and fast. I like working my way up.”

Shemain works her way up in this clip. It begins with an interview in which we get to know her more worthy then continues to sex with 25-year-old Rocky. His birthday was the other day, and we couldn’t imagine a more magnificant gift than Shemain.

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